Heart Caring

Cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of death in the United States. Despite treatment and diagnostic advances, hospitals and physicians often miss the opportunity to educate individuals on risks of heart disease and prevention strategies. This lack of education and early intervention can have numerous consequences.

The growing body of research shows that women and men experience many differences in their symptoms and treatment as it relates to cardiovascular disease and that women are commonly under-diagnosed. Because women make 85% of all healthcare decisions, Decatur County Memorial Hospital feels it is important to motivate women to make positive heart healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Through the HeartCaring Program, Decatur County Memorial Hospital is able to provide clinical information to physicians and hospital staff and educational messages to women and their families. This education is provided through community events which emphasize recognizing and reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease and early detection through various screenings.

Decatur County Memorial Hospital is pleased to have 6 designated HeartCaring physicians as well as 2 designated HeartCaring nurse practitioners.

For more information about HeartCaring, contact Kathy Stephens, R.N. at (812) 663-1339 or Julie Wilson, R.N. at (812) 663-1213