Women's Center at DCMH

Women who give birth in the Women's Center at Decatur County Memorial Hospital receive exceptional care. Each year our obstetricians and family practitioners deliver hundreds of babies, while our specially trained nurses care for mothers and newborns.

A woman’s body is a fascinating element of nature, never more so than when new life is growing inside. Pregnancy is an experience without comparison that only a mother who has felt life growing within her can fully comprehend. Our facilities are designed to offer beautiful labor/delivery and postpartum rooms that are private and comfortable. A large comfortable waiting room is available for family and friends waiting on the big event.

The Women's Center at Decatur County Memorial Hospital is the birthing center of choice in our region.

Private Introduction to Breastfeeding Sessions

DCMH Women's Center is now offering private introductory breast-feeding sessions. These private sessions last approximately 30 minutes, at which time you will discuss breast-feeding basics and how to get breast-feeding off to a good start. Appointments are offered every other Friday and are free of charge to parents delivering at DCMH. It is recommended that these appointments are made for week 35 or 36 of pregnancy. Expecting parents may contact Angie Schwering to schedule an appointment or for more information at (812) 663-1240. 

2014 Appointments Available every other Friday. Please call to schedule.

Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Classes help the mother-to-be and her coach work together during labor and delivery. Special emphasis on relaxation and breathing techniques during labor. There is no charge for the classes. For upcoming dates of our classes, call 812-663-1240 or visit www.dcmh.net.

Baby Shower

The Women's Center baby shower will give you the opportunity to meet the nurses that will care for you and your baby during your stay at the Women's Center.

Every expectant mom will receive a gift and have the chance to tour the center as well as visit with other expecting families. Expectant mothers are encouraged to bring their families and children to the baby shower. For more information on the next Baby Shower, call (812) 663-1240.

Baby Shower Date: TBA for 2014

All showers are located in the OB Classroom @ 6:30pm

Golden Hour

The "golden hour" is the first time Mommy, Daddy, and Baby spend together as a family! The staff at the Women's Center encourages limited visitors during this special hour. For more information, ask your nurse.

Free Massage for New Mothers

DCMH is pleased to offer all new mothers free 30-minute massages before they leave the hospital. We hope this helps create a relaxing mood for the mother as she begins her journey into motherhood. For more information, ask your nurse.

Physicians who deliver at the Women Center include:

Dr. Nicole Boersma
Dr. Jennifer Fletcher
Dr. Mary McCullough
Dr. Wayne Perry
Dr. Jami Rayles