Rehab Services & Therapy

Rehab Services & Therapy    

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is an essential part of the rehabilitation process. Our Occupational Therapy staff utilizes activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, bathing, and homemaking to evaluate and develop needed skills to maximize the patient's function within his/her environment. Occupational Therapists also treat hand and arm injuries associated with trauma or other disorders. Splints and devices are fabricated and used to assist physically disabled persons to utilize objects within his/her environment. Occupational Therapists make up part of the team to treat infants and children as it relates to their development.

Our goal is to restore the patient's functional independence to the highest possible level. Occupational Therapists treat both inpatients and outpatients. To find out more, call 812-663-1119.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy features a staff that is devoted to assisting each patient to obtain his/her maximum level of health and functioning. Our services include sports rehabilitation, functional capacity evaluations, computerized strength testing, electrical muscle stimulation, joint mobilization, wound care, biofeedback, work conditioning, and much more!

We have years of experience in treating sports injuries, industrial injuries, and automobile accident injuries. Those who have muscle weakness resulting from a stroke or those who are suffering from chronic pain can also find relief through physical therapy.

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants treat both inpatient and outpatients. To find out more, call 812-663-1119.

2011 Cancer Grant

DCMH Oncology is offering complimentary care during chemotherapy thanks to a grant from the Hospital Foundation of Decatur County. A massage, a warm blanket... DCMH provides the added comfort you need during your cancer treatment. The addition of the complementary care is to provide the best patient care and comfort to the patients receiving treatment at Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

Our Certified Massage Therapist, Wendy Stier will provide: FREE massage therapy for the cancer patients at DCMH. Studies show that a 15-minute neck and shoulder massage prior to chemotherapy can help with relaxation and add comfort during the treatment process.

Speech Therapy

Speech and Hearing works with inpatients, outpatients, and those seen through Home Care and First Steps. We offer comprehensive testing and direct therapy for a broad base of disorders including but not limited to, articulation, language delay, developmental delay, cranio-facial anomalies, swallowing, voice, stuttering, traumatic brain injury, stroke, neurogenic diseases, oral-motor functioning and feeding, and auditory training.

Our staff treats young children through older adults, and is dedicated to helping each patient achieve his/her optimal level of functioning. The Hearing Center, an integral part of the department, provides a full line of hearing tests in addition to industrial hearing screenings and OSHA required tests. The Hearing Center is licensed to test for and provide a wide array of hearing aids and repair services. For more information regarding audiology services click here.

Our staff is comprised of all Masters level speech pathologists and audiologists, certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and licensed by the Health Professionals Bureau/IN Board Examiners. Call 812-663-1252 for more information.

Pediatric Therapies

Pediatric Therapies are also available close by at DCMH. Check out the link below to see our Pediatric Therapy Brochure.

Sports Med Program: "Medicine in Motion"

When it’s time for school athletics, remember to kick off good health by scheduling a physical with your physician.