Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

Our Pharmacy is open daily, including weekends and holidays. There are four registered Pharmacists and five Technicians on staff at DCMH. Pharmacy services include medication information, consulting for the medical and hospital staff, medication dispensing, medication monitoring, and medication/intravenous mixing and compounding, including antibiotics, parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy, and others.

Anticoagulation Clinic

The Anticoagulation Clinic at Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) is a Physician Directed, Pharmacist-Managed service.  All of the Pharmacists working in the clinic have received specialized training and hold certificates in Anticoagulation Therapy Management.  And after all, who knows more about medications than a Pharmacist? 

We specialize in advanced Coumadin management using dose monitoring which involves face-to-face contact versus telephone contact for more responsive care.  With our Pharmacists in the clinic, you have a Licensed Health Care Professional who is there to provide education and to answer your questions in person.  You don’t have to leave a message with your question and then wait hours for a response.

Participation in the Anticoagulation Clinic is voluntary.  Patients are free to choose monitoring in the clinic or to continue monitoring with their physician.  An advantage to our Clinic is that blood is obtained from a simple finger stick rather than a regular blood draw.  Testing is complete within seconds, which means you will know your INR result before you leave the clinic.  Our Pharmacists also use Physician-Approved Protocols to adjust doses immediately, if necessary, which means you will also know what dosage to take before you leave the clinic – no more waiting hours or days after your visit to know if your dosage needs to be changed.  This Point-of-Care program reduces the risk of adverse events with warfarin and thus increases your SAFETY.

 To join our program:

  1. Ask your physician.
  2. If appropriate, your physician will need to provide a referral to our clinic. 

(Feel free to print the Physician Referral Form (coming Soon) and take with you to your office visit to make it easier for the Physician to complete that referral.)

  1. A Pharmacist from the clinic will contact you to set up an appointment once we receive the referral from the Physician.

Watch for more information on our clinic including a downloadable brochure or phone our clinic at (812) 663-1152 and ask to speak with a Pharmacist.