Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education

Diabetes can be controlled and the progression of complications delayed with an individual treatment program that includes diet, exercise, and/or medication. Education in these areas can be one of the greatest investments of time a patient can make. Diabetes classes offered at Decatur County Memorial Hospital are designed to teach the diabetic and their family more about the disease and how to implement lifestyle changes to avoid complications.

A Registered Nurse, Pharmacist and Registered Dietitian teach the classes and provide years of experience available for your questions.

Topics for these important classes include:

  • Overview of diabetes
  • Overview of diabetes
  • Medications available to treat diabetes
  • The role of exercise in treatment
  • Blood Glucose Testing: correct monitor use
  • Menus and meals patterns, portion control, restaurant eating & carbohydrate counting
  • Reading food labels to learn more about reducing fat and salt in the diet
  • Short and long term complications
  • Skin care

Classes are offered each month and consist of a series of three 2-hour classes held at DCMH. They are free and recommended for all diabetics and their family members. For more information regarding the classes or to register call (812) 663-1341. Visit our Calendar of Events to see when the next series of classes will be offered.

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The American Diabetes Association offers a number of educational resources through their site linked below.
• American Diabetes Association

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Diabetes Education Brochure 2014