Considering the importance and complexities of high-quality health care in today’s society, it is critical for bright, talented people to be encouraged to pursue professions in the healthcare field. With that in mind, Decatur County Memorial Hospital established a scholarship program designed for students interested in a career in health care.

These scholarships support future leaders in their efforts to earn a high-quality education. DCMH has been committed to helping prepare healthcare professionals for the future and offers a scholarship program as a recruitment tool and a community service.

This past month, DCMH awarded a $1,000 scholarship to four graduating seniors in Decatur County. They are:

• Emma Porter – Greensburg High School

• Caitlyn Stauffacher – Greensburg High School

• Ashley Grimes – North Decatur High School

• Madison Knecht – North Decatur High School

DCMH recognized these scholarship winners and their families with breakfast, inviting senior leaders and department directors to speak with the students individually.

The hospital is focused on the future of these young adults and was honored to answer questions about working in healthcare, as well as have employees share their own journey and career path.

President and CEO Rex McKinney added, “It is so great to see local students interested in healthcare. We love helping the younger generation succeed with this career path and are behind them every step of the way. By bringing in different leaders, clinical and non-clinical, the winners were able to see every aspect of working in the healthcare field.”

Congratulations again to all four scholarship winners.