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Growing DCMH – Daffodils Create Memories & Hope

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The “Growing DCMH” Daffodil Program beautifies our campus and funds the special program and equipment needs of DCMH.  Ultimately, it helps to advance the health and wellness in our area. As a result of donor generosity, daffodils have been planted in memory of individuals, special occasions, extra efforts, or simply as a thank you to DCMH or others! Since 2007, over 3,000 daffodils have been planted and grace our campus each spring.

New daffodils are planted every fall representing the previous year’s contributions, thanks to the volunteer assistance of the Decatur County Extension Homemakers and our local FFA chapter.  A special acknowledgment of your donation may be sent to the individual being honored or to their family in case of memorials. These inspiring gifts provide pleasant reminders of your generosity each spring, returning year after year with a message of hope and promise. They are recognized in a variety of ways as noted on the chart below.

Contributions may be made online by clicking here, or in our office any time throughout the year. Donations received by October 31 will be planted in the fall of the same year.  Those received afterward will be planted the following fall.

We appreciate your consideration and if you should have questions regarding the program or other giving opportunities please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (812) 663-1220 or email-us. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Contribution Amount

    Daffodils Planted

    Additional Recognitions

$25 – $49


$50 – $99


   Newsletter mention

$100 – $249


   Newsletter, Annual Report Listing

$250 – $499


   Newsletter, Annual Report & Interior Plaque

$500 – $999


   All recognitions above + 6 personal daffodils

$1,000 +     24    All recognitions above + engraved exterior stone

Make Your Online Donation to the Daffodil Project at DCMH: Click Here


Foundation Volunteers Planting Daffodils