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Hospital Foundation Directive Funding

The Hospital Foundation now offers a number of funds that can be supported with your gifts. These can be made in memory or honor of someone, or simply given to support the important efforts of Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

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DCMH Cancer Fund

The DCMH Cancer Fund meets an important need in our community by supporting valuable work with cancer related programs at DCMH. The Hospital Foundation Board dedicates these funds to cancer prevention, screenings, education and facility improvements to benefit cancer patients undergoing treatment. All funds remain in Decatur County and benefit local residents seeking care close to home.

DCMH Diabetes Fund

Diabetes is a growing problem in our community and nation. The DCMH Diabetes Fund supports diabetes prevention, screenings, education and other programs that impact the growing number of cases of diabetes in Decatur County.

DCMH Heart Fund

This DCMH fund focuses on Heart Disease, which impacts more lives than any other and includes a wide variety of conditions affecting the heart; coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, heart attack and congenital heart disease. With being the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S, prevention is key. Prevention focused efforts supported may include quitting smoking, lowering cholesterol, controlling high blood pressure, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight. The fund also focuses on DCMH efforts surrounding education and treatment and making new cardiac services available.

DCMH Men’s Health Fund

Men may be most in need of timely health prevention and education efforts. This DCMH fund focuses on screenings, education and treatment of issues related to men’s health in a variety of areas.

DCMH Children’s Health Fund

Health is never more important than in the formative years of one’s life. This DCMH Fund supports health and wellness efforts for local children. Funds are also used to support efforts such as the Riley Safety Store at DCMH and to provide comfort for children undergoing procedures.

DCMH Women’s Health Fund

The DCMH Women’s Health Fund provides important support for efforts to advance the health and wellness of women in our community. As a Spirit of Women Hospital, DCMH has a special focus on programming and educational efforts. Those along with other unique screening programs provide multiple opportunities to support women’s health.

DCMH Greatest Need

The needs are always present in a rural facility where financial resources are limited. When giving to the “greatest need” you are allowing the Board of our Hospital Foundation to allocate the funds to the area that has the most immediate need for funding a special project, program or equipment. Three times yearly the Board reviews applications from DCMH Departments and allocates funds to well-documented and carefully planned projects.

DCMH Daffodil Project

The DCMH Daffodil Project provides an opportunity to have daffodils planted on the campus of Decatur County Memorial Hospital in memory, in honor, to celebrate, or just to support the important work at DCMH. In October of 2010 the 1,400th daffodil was planted by the Decatur County Extension Homemakers. Gifts of varying levels carry different numbers of daffodils and permanent plaque recogntion for gifts over $250. For additional information on gift levels contact our office at (812) 663-1220.