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Affordable Care Act:

Marketplace/Exchange Coverage

When choosing a health plan through the Marketplace/Exchange under the Affordable Care Act, please be advised that locally-based SIHO, Anthem Pathway, UnitedHealthcare Choice, and *Assurant Health PPO are the ONLY plans in-network on the exchange, offering coverage for patients at DCMH. No other insurance (i.e. MDwise, MHS, etc.) will be providing coverage for DCMH or its facilities (Tree City Medical Partners, Primary Care, etc.)

Please note that if you have benefits through your workplace or have an existing policy, this WILL NOT impact you. This is only effective when choosing a health plan through the ACA Healthcare Marketplace/Exchange.

If you have further questions on this please call (812) 663-1300.

Health Coverage 101 Sessions

Join a team of experts to learn about insurance, your options on the Marketplace, navigating network providers, premium subsidies, available tax credits and more. Each event is free to attend.

DCMH is contracted with UnitedHealthcare for Commercial and Medicare products as well as MDwise for the Medicaid product only (No MDwise plans on the exchange will be accepted for DCMH).  The only “in-network” coverage plans available on the Marketplace/Exchange for DCMH are locally-based SIHO plans, Anthem “Pathway” plans (this is Anthem’s ON the exchange product) UnitedHealthcare Choice plans and *Assurant Health PPO plans.


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*Assurant Health uses the Aetna Signature Administrators PPO plan.

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