Primary Care Physicians

We welcome you to the primary care information page at Decatur County Memorial Hospital in Greensburg, Indiana. We appreciate your interest in our practice and look forward to serving you if we do not already!

We hope this online information guide will provide vital information before your initial visit and answer questions regarding our office procedures and services.

Primary Care Doctors

DCMH offers primary care physicians and healthcare. Please contact us at 812-662-0588 to schedule an appointment.

Visiting Doctors

A number of expert doctors and specialists visit the Decatur County Memorial Hospital outpatient clinic in Greensburg, Indiana on a regular basis. This affords you the convenience of visiting your specialist locally without having to make a trip to a metropolitan area.

Nurse Practitioner

Decatur County Memorial Hospital’s nurse practitioner, Tracey Ingram, and her staff treat patients of every age in Greensburg, Indiana. Office visits are by appointment only, so please call ahead of time to schedule your appointment.

Comprehensive Health Care

Whether it’s a routine physical or a chronic condition, our goal is to advance your health and wellness. As a division of Decatur County Memorial Hospital, we also pride ourselves on providing a seamless experience throughout the continuum of care.

If you should have suggestions, questions or issues please feel free to discuss them with us so that we may better serve you. We are proud of our facility, our professional staff and our personal service. Ultimately we want to provide you with quality healthcare and personalized attention. Decatur County Memorial Hospital’s Primary Care is known to mirror the “The Quality Care You Want. Close By!”

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  • Primary Care Medical Record Policy
  • Primary Care Test Results & Responses
  • What is a Nurse Practitioner?