Decatur County Primary Care

Decatur County Memorial Hospital offers primary healthcare in Greensburg, Indiana. We appreciate your interest in our practice and look forward to serving you if we do not already!

We hope this online information guide will provide vital information before your initial visit and answer questions regarding our office procedures and services.

If you have suggestions, questions or issues please feel free to discuss them with us so that we may better serve you. We are proud of our faculty, our professional staff and our personal service. Ultimately we want to provide you with quality healthcare and personalized attention. DCMH’s Primary Care is known to mirror the “The Quality Care You Want. Close By!”

Primary Health Care


If you are a NEW patient, or a patient needing to UPDATE  your health history information, please click here to print and fill out your forms. You will need to take these with you to your next appointment.

DCPC Financial Policy

Payment is due for services at the time of your visit. We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards for payment; we do not participate in various insurance plans. Verification of eligibility and benefits for an insurance company DOES NOT guarantee payment. Your insurance carrier determines payment at the time they receive a claim. Verification and filing in most cases is a courtesy we provide for our patients. However, you are the one with the relationship with the insurance company, and ultimately you are responsible to pay the bill.

We are not responsible for the actions of your insurance company. Therefore, you may be billed for any balances or services determined “not covered” by your insurance company. When you purchase a plan or provided coverage by an employer, they will often tell you what is covered and what is not. You may not always remember or be aware of the actual benefits. We will sometimes ask you to sign a “waiver” which explains this and lets you know you may be billed for a particular service that may or may not be covered. This is also the case with Medicare and Medicaid.


As a service to our patients we “accept assignment” on Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurances with which we have signed contracts. This means they will tell us what they allow and then remit directly to us that amount. For Medicare, it is 80% of that amount. This means that along with paying your deductible, you are also responsible for 20% of the total allowable amount at the time of your visit. Our co-payments, deductibles, and payment for the “uncovered” services mentioned above are due at the time of service. In some cases this will only by an estimate, and we will try to be as accurate as possible. We do expect your cooperation in the process to collect and give us the best possible since you are the one with the contract. If any private insurance company does not pay within 60 days of billing, any unpaid balances are due and payable in full from you. All Medicaid patients must provide a current identification card prior to being seen each visit.


As a courtesy, we do file any insurance, and also as many secondary insurances as can be programmed, If we are unable to file for you, we will assist you in getting the information together for you to use in filing for yourself.


If you have questions regarding your billing and insurance, our business office can answer them. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please call 812-663-1323 for billing questions only.

Your Test Results/Responses

We can appreciate the fact that waiting for test results can be a stressful time. We can assure you that you will be contacted with your test results as soon as all of the results are obtained. This will be after the provider has had time to review them and your chart and history to make the proper recommendations. This may take several days since it often requires coordination with other physicians, the laboratory, x-ray and review of previous test results and medical history.

Your healthcare is a process and unfortunately a single test does not relay the entire picture. You will want to give the provider the time necessary to review all of the documents and results. Once that process is complete the nurse will be provided the appropriate instructions and a contact will be made by someone from our office. If for some odd reason you do not hear from us by the estimated time given, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to ease your concern.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) who has completed advanced education (generally a minimum of a master’s degree) and training in the diagnosis and management of common medical conditions, including chronic illnesses. Nurse practitioners provide a broad range of health care services.

Because the profession is state regulated, care provided by NPs varies. A nurse practitioner’s duties may include the following:

  • Diagnosing, treating, evaluating and managing acute and chronic illness and disease (e.g., pneumonia, diabetes, high blood pressure)
  • Obtaining medical histories and conducting physical examinations
  • Ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic studies (e.g., lab tests, x-rays, EKGs)
  • Prescribing medications
  • Prescribing physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments
  • Providing prenatal care and family planning services
  • Providing well-child care, including screening and immunizations
  • Providing primary and specialty care services, health maintenance care for adults, including annual physicals
  • Performing minor surgeries and procedures (e.g., dermatological biopsies, suturing, casting)
  • Collaborating with physicians and other health professionals as needed, including providing referrals
  • Counseling and educating patients on health behaviors, self-care skills, and treatment options

Please contact Decatur County Primary Care at 812-662-0588 for any questions regarding our primary health care.