Pediatric Therapist

Decatur County Memorial Hospital in Greensburg, Indiana has a strong pediatric therapy center. In the most general sense, pediatric therapy would be any medical treatment designed to alleviate or help treat conditions in children, usually from birth to the age of 18.  Any condition that presents in the pediatric patient requiring treatment or remediation would essentially require some form of “therapy”. However, more often, the term may be used to discuss specific types of therapies that have use in the pediatric setting. These might include physical, occupational, and/or speech-language therapy designed specifically for children.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

At Decatur County Memorial Hospital, the pediatric Physical Therapist (PT) will provide an evaluation (including specialized adaptive equipment evaluations) on your child after a physician’s referral. Depending on the child, treatment may consist of therapy for basic gross motor skills, neurodevelopmental techniques, balance, coordination, strength, motor control, and orthotic treatment. The pediatric physical therapist can also assist the child before and after Botox treatments, with kinesio-taping, electrical stimulation, and/or sensory motor approach. This will help each child to perform age-appropriate gross motor skills and function within their home, community, and school environment.

When needed our therapists also work closely with licensed Orthotist and Prosthetist to assure our patients have the appropriate foot/leg/ankle braces.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

The pediatric occupational therapist (OT) will provide an evaluation and treatment for children having difficulty with fine motor skills, attention and sensory issues. Treatments may include utilizing therapeutic exercises, sensory integration, and motor control strategies to assist children. These therapies will improve the child’s ability to self-regulate their attention and arousal, develop fine motor coordination, age appropriate play and everyday living skills such as interpersonal interactions, feeding, dressing, and grooming skills.

In addition, the OT can provide hand and upper extremity therapy, splinting, cognitive and perceptual therapy for children having difficulty with visual perception and visual motor skills.

Pediatric Speech Therapist

Speech and language pathologists (speech therapists) provide evaluation and treatments to assist children in learning to listen, following instructions, and functionally communicating their wants, needs, and feelings appropriately. The speech therapist also provides feeding and swallowing evaluations and treatments for children with feeding difficulties, oral motor weaknesses or deficits.

The speech and language pathologists can assist the child with augmentative and alternative communication, such as sign language or using a communication device.

Pediatric Hearing Services

The Hearing Center is an integral part of our speech and hearing department. The department serves patients ranging in age from newborn to older adults. We offer a full line of hearing tests including Tympanometry, Audiology Screening, and Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations.   Our Hearing Center is also equipped to test for and provide a wide variety of hearing aides and repair services.  Other services include assistance in ordering hearing aides, custom protective ear plugs, and swim plugs.

Our audiologist is certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and licensed by the Health Professions Bureau/Indiana Board Examiners and is a credentialed First Steps provider.