DCMH takes pride in providing quality healthcare to Greensburg and the surrounding neighborhoods. The hospital is constantly striving to become better in everything they do. With that, DCMH wants to hear from you!

Decatur County Memorial Hospital wants to hear from community members, families, and previous patients. Please share with them why you love your community hospital. Why is DCMH so important to this community? What does DCMH mean to you and your family? You can submit your entry by going to www.dcmh.net/patients-visitors/my-community-hospital. The link is located halfway down on the dcmh.net homepage labeled, “My Community Hospital.” You can also go to the DCMH Facebook page and post a review or send a direct message.

The mission of DCMH is to advance the health and wellness of our community by providing high-value patient-centered care, leadership and education. Let them know how they have accomplished that with you!

For questions, feel free to email the DCMH Marketing Department at mary.angle@dcmh.net or call 812.663.1182.
Decatur County Memorial Hospital. The quality care you want. Close by.