Decatur County Virtual Care

A Virtual Care visit is a scheduled appointment with your provider that happens at your convenience – from your workplace, school, or the comfort of your own home! Virtual Care visits can be used for both new and existing patients, regardless if you are sick or need a follow up appointment.

During your Virtual Care visit, your provider will discuss your concerns, develop a treatment plan and send any necessary prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. As a reminder, if you use the DCMH Pharmacy, free delivery is available within Decatur County. Virtual Care visits are covered by most insurances.

What Types of Conditions Can Be Treated Virtually?
A wide variety of health concerns can be treated virtually from preventive care to more chronic symptoms. The most common health conditions that can generally be treated via a Virtual Care visit are:

  • Cold, flu and minor respiratory symptoms
  • Strep Throat
  • Certain medication refills
  • UTI
  • Non-urgent stomach pain
  • Sinus pain and allergies
  • Insect bites and common skin infections
  • Ear infection

Virtual Care visits are available for same day appointments. To schedule a visit, call 812-222-DOCS (3627). Another way we are providing you the quality care you want, close by.