Inpatient Services

DCMH Inpatient Services provide quality inpatient care for general medical and surgical patients covering a broad spectrum from infants through geriatrics. Care is provided by a team of health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, social workers, laboratory technologists, cardiopulmonary technologists, radiology technologists, dieticians, speech therapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Specialty practices including: cardiology, pulmonology, and neurology, as well as many others, are also available to everyone.

Hospitalist Program

Hospitalists are physicians typically trained in internal medicine or family practice who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. They provide care for patients requiring medical treatment for diagnoses such as pneumonia, meningitis, gastrointestinal bleeding and chest pain. Hospitalists are familiar with the hospital’s systems, facilities and staff members, and maintain close relationships with specialty physicians such as cardiologists and surgeons. Hospitalists provide patients with continuity of care, allowing them to see the same physician for much of their hospital stay. Because they work in the hospital, hospitalists can check on the patient at least once a day and become familiar with the patient’s progress. They can better coordinate care provided by specialty physicians and ancillary departments, such as physical and occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, social services and nursing case management. Once the patient is released, the patient is referred back to their primary care physician. The hospitalist along with the patient’s physician will communicate and share necessary information about the care given while hospitalized.

Medical/Surgical Patients

All medical/surgical patients are healing in private rooms on the new third floor unit. The unit is accessible from the elevator just to the east of the ER waiting area. The most convenient parking is just outside of the North/Main (ER) entrance. For the safety and security of our patients and staff, access is restricted after 9:00 p.m. When unique circumstances demand visiting after 9:00 p.m., visitors must be accompanied by a staff member to access the floor.

Visitor Information

Visitors are encouraged to visit friends and family members. Visiting hours are open but encouraged before 9:00 p.m. You can check with admission or the main desk prior to visiting to make sure your visit occurs at the most appropriate time.