After working at Cummins for over 30 years, Greensburg native Judy Mauer had been struggling with asthma and her pulmonary health for some time. While seeing a specialist out of town for her asthma, Judy was thrilled to learn that Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) was welcoming a Pulmonologist to their staff. What was even better was that the Pulmonologist, Dr. Thomas Ferry, was the brother of her primary care physician, Dr. Mary McCullough.

Prior to seeing Dr. Ferry, she had been on antibiotics and prednisone for four years. When Judy first began seeing Dr. Ferry, her asthma was severe and she was sick on numerous occasions.

There was one instance when Judy had become so sick, she ended up in the emergency room.

Pulmonary-PatientDr. Ferry had further tests ran and discovered she had bronchiectasis, a lung condition that causes cough, sputum production, and recurrent respiratory infections.

“I learned that antibiotics wasn’t going to take care of the problem and that my asthma was never going to go away,” she added.

While looking over the blood work, Dr. Ferry also decided to refer Judy to Dr. Slaughter in the Cancer Care & Infusion Center for regular infusion treatments.

“Dr. Slaughter and his team are so thoughtful and caring. The infusions have helped me so much and overall have made me feel better.”

She added, “Dr. Ferry has not given up on making me feel better. We have tried numerous medications and injections to help my lungs.

He has worked me into his schedule numerous times and is always there to answer my call. When he first started seeing me, I was in very bad shape and had given up.  Without Dr. Ferry I really don’t know where I would be in my life right now. I know

Dr. Ferry is behind me every step of the way to help me feel better.”

DCMH celebrates great strides in patient experience and going above and beyond for the community. Our committed staff knows that positive patient experience and great quality care leads to better health outcomes.

Better patient experiences, which involve seeing patients such as Judy as unique individuals, increases the likelihood that they and their families or other caregivers will become more engaged in their own health. Dr. Ferry and his staff in the Outpatient Clinic know the value of quality care and building trust with their patients.

“He is the most kind, caring and loving physician I have ever met. I just can’t say enough good things about him. This hospital is so important to this community and I can’t imagine driving to Indy every six weeks for treatments or appointments.

I have never in my life had more caring doctors than Dr. Ferry and Dr. McCullough. They go above and beyond for their patients and then some.”

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