Digital Mammography

Decatur County Memorial Hospital provides patients with the best available mammograms in the southeastern Indiana area through our new digital mammography system. The Mammomat Novation system increases cancer detection rates and reduces radiation by more than 50%. Our advanced system also will ense the thickness of the breast to allow for a more comfortable compression and allows for the use of a Mammopad. Mammopads are a soft, comfortable pad that is placed between the breast and the mammography unit. This allows for a less painful and more comfortable mammography system.

Statistics show that the mortality rate for breast cancer can be significantly reduced with routine screening mammography.

DCMH installed a Siemen Digital Mammography Inspiration in 2013.  Our mammography suite was also remodeled in 2013.  Privacy for you is our priority.

Digital Mammography is a high tech computer method of doing mammograms.  The American Cancer Society says that Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among American women, except for skin cancers.  About 1 in 8 (12%) women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime.  Routine screening mammography can help find these cancers.

Talk to your doctor about how often he recommends screening mammography for you.  No doctor’s order is needed for a routine screening mammography, but you must have an established doctor to send the report to in case further testing is necessary.  If you don’t have a doctor, we can help you find one! Most insurance companies and Medicare will pay for the annual screening mammogram.  If you are unsure if they do, please call the insurance company.

Diagnostic Mammograms

Diagnostic mammograms are performed when there are breast symptoms.  There may be a lump felt, significant breast pain, bloody discharge or other problems.  If you have had breast cancer with a lumpectomy and radiation, you also need a Diagnostic Mammogram.  We need a doctor’s order for a diagnostic mammogram.  When we do a diagnostic mammogram, your images are checked right away.  If an ultrasound is needed, we do it right away.   The Radiologist will read the exam and give you the results that day.

TO SCHEDULE:  Please call our scheduling desk at 812-663-1157.  If we cannot get to the phone, please leave a message and we will call you back.  We schedule late afternoon mammograms and Saturday mammograms throughout the year.

QUESTIONS:  Please call Carol Blasdel, RT in our Mammography suite for any questions, problems or concerns.  The phone number in the Suite is 812-663-1266.  Carol will get back to you as soon as possible if you leave a message.


The Hospital Foundation of Decatur County has awarded the Radiology Department with funds to support the Pink Ribbon Fund. With this program, DCMH can provide women or men with clinical breast exams, screening mammograms, and additional radiological procedures (if needed) at no cost to the recipient. You must meet certain financial guidelines to qualify. To find out if you qualify call (812) 663-1157.


Patients may pre-register for their mammogram only with an appointment. By registering at least 48 hours in advance of your procedure you can receive peace of mind knowing that we have your medical information and expedite the process.

To schedule your appointment, please call our Radiology Department at 812-663-1157.