COVID -19 response receives Community Impact Award; Matt Weber Named Outstanding Rural Health Provider


(October 21, 2020 – Greensburg, Ind.) The Indiana State Office of Rural Health recently awarded Decatur County Memorial Hospital two Critical Access Hospital Awards, including the Community Impact Award for its response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

According to David Conrad, FLEX Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Health, Office of Rural Health, DCMH’s efforts were unparalleled. “As someone who has been working directly with providers and patients through the State’s call center, seeing the work put in by the team at Decatur literally blew me away. The whole State is hurting right now, but with people like the staff at Decatur, we can continue working to quell this epidemic and save as many people as possible.”


As DCMH responded to the threat, the healthcare provider not only considered its patients, but also the well-being of staff and community. It was through collaboration, agility, following best practices, and innovative partnerships that DCMH was able to meet the needs of their community. Some of the actions included enhanced communication, innovative partnerships, and best practices including paying for staff child care during the surge as well as providing free meals and a discounted food pantry for team members to take home to their families. As a result, relationships with the local leaders and DCMH have strengthened. They continue to collaborate and work together to prepare and respond to the daily evolution of the pandemic.


In addition, DCMH Pharmacist Matt Weber was named Outstanding Rural Health Provider. Weber initiated a unique program that provides Medicare Part-D education and information during the open enrollment period. He provides a contact card with his information to those within the enrollment “window” according to date of birth, offering a free personalized review of the numerous offerings. Since its inception in 2018, he’s completed169 Medicare reviews and saved participants collectively $84,000.



CEO and President Rex McKinney is proud of the efforts of the DCMH team and particularly Matt Weber.




“Our team’s response focused on providing great care to patients, ensuring a safe environment and supporting our team. A key to our success has been a collaborative effort and a community wide response including support from local leaders. In addition, Matt’s ability to provide excellent care while saving his patients so much money is remarkable, and even more so in this trying time,” says McKinney. “His example to take the initiative to provide value to patients is something that can inspire healthcare professionals throughout the state and beyond.  He exemplifies what DCMH is all about.”