Decatur County Memorial Hospital is reaching out into the community and making a tremendous effort to help Decatur County become healthier in 2019. The DCMH Wellness team and department staff members have worked together diligently to create opportunities within our community for a healthy change to occur.

The hospital has now partnered with Greensburg Community School Corporation for a Health and Wellness initiative between the hospital and their school system.

President and CEO Rex McKinney says, “Our goal is to connect and commit ourselves to our community employers by enhancing the value of services that DCMH offers. Today’s healthcare environment is very challenging to the business community.  We will be a great partner improving health of individuals and decreasing healthcare costs.  The partnership between Greensburg Community Schools and DCMH is an example of how we engage the business community.”

With the new partnership, staff at Greensburg Community Schools will have access to multiple benefits and wellness opportunities which include:

  • Targeted Wellness programs based on population needs
  • Fitness Classes offered to employees before/after school

The new partnership includes many health and wellness aspects members can take advantage of. DCMH Wellness Coach Kristin Rowland outlined the Complete Wellness Assessment that all staff members will receive. The assessment includes: blood pressure, glucose check, body fat %, BMI, lipid profiles, diabetic prevention and health coaching.

Kristin added, “Our main goal is to work towards healthier employees and gearing the program to their needs. We offer fitness classes and an evidence-based Weight Loss Program called Weigh Beyond to staff who are interested.”

Decatur County Memorial Hospital is excited about the partnership with the Greensburg Community School Corporation and helping their staff live a healthier life. Tom Hunter, Superintendent of GCS, stated, “DCMH has been a great partner focused on improving our health benefit offerings and decreasing healthcare costs. We are looking forward to building our relationship over the coming years.”

DCMH has also been working with other local businesses to promote health and wellness with their employees. Wellness Coordinator Janine Walter stated that they have scheduled a Healthy Heart event for one of Greensburg’s largest employers. The idea behind this event is to raise awareness on blood pressure and cardiovascular health. DCMH will be providing free screenings and departmental booths with information all relating to heart health.

Janine added, “We are looking for more innovative ways to bring health awareness to outside businesses. Having an event such as a Healthy Heart Fair will allow us to share the services we can offer to the community, as well as promote healthier living in the areas of workplace wellness.”

Decatur County Memorial Hospital is working hard to improve the overall health of this community. The hospital is helping more and more Decatur County employees take charge of their health and overall wellbeing! If you would like more information about our community health efforts, visit or call 812-663-1173.