Decatur County Memorial Hospital’s 2019 annual Spirit of Women event was an evening of “sips, dips and hips.”
“Spirit of Women is a national movement for women’s wellness led by local leading hospitals, such as Decatur County Memorial Hospital, and supported by corporate partners and national media with the mission to motivate women and their families to make positive changes in their lives by emphasizing their total well-being,” according to a news release.

The hospital’s first 2019 event was held Jan. 24 at the Knights of St. John in Greensburg before a near capacity crowd of 103 women. The evening consisted of and information about hip pain and other orthopedic discomfort – plus food and wine.

“These events we have quarterly,” DCMH marketing and communications manager Amy Shearer said. “We have smaller events throughout the year as well.” Two orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Eric Tannenbaum and Dr. Darryl Tannenbaum, spoke and answered
health-related questions from the audience, providing a unique opportunity for women to quiz trained professionals.

To close out the evening, women gathered in teams of eight and participated in a gingerbread house building contest as the toast to a night of health, wellness
and fun.

“These events came into place because we know women are the decision makers when it comes to their ow n health care,” Shearer said. “It’s important to get the information out to women. It’s important any time we can get a physician out to speak in front of women to reiterate that message of staying healthy.” But not every event focuses on the same subject matter.

“It’s important to have these events, and also for each event to have a different topic,” Shearer said. The Spirit of Women October event had the theme “Girls Night Out” and gave women the opportunity to enjoy an evening full of “shopping, pampering and a great movie.” In addition, an education session encouraged women to sign up for mammograms. Again, it all essentially
comes down to promoting health and wellness for all women.

Women can sign up for the Spirit of Women program by calling 812-663-1325, emailing Kristin Rowland at or visiting The cost for a lifetime membership is $10. Membership
benefits include free or discounted admission to educational events, referral information, first notice of upcoming events, first notice of new health information programs offered at DCMH and a Spirit of Women magazine. A list of upcoming events can also be viewed at the above website.