Teresa and Andrew Williams are just like any typical couple. They reside in Greensburg, have been married for almost 28 years and together, have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. The Williams enjoy spending time with their family and love this community.

In May of 2017, however, things took a turn. Andrew had been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Later, his lymph nodes were beginning to swell and Teresa became concern. After multiple tests and biopsies, it was determined Andrew had stage 4 cancer.

The couple traveled to St. Vincent for intensive care. Andrew was a patient there for over 20 days. After multiple treatments and tests, Andrew was able to come back home and use the DCMH Cancer Care and Infusion Center.

“I thank God for this hospital. We live close by and it is so convenient to come here and receive care. It saves a lot of time having the facility so close. I know the drive to a big city far away would be tough on him, so I thank God every day with how lucky this town is to have this hospital so close. He wouldn’t have been able to make it through long trips. He received as good of care here as he did at St. Vincent,” Teresa added.

Andrew and Teresa love the feeling of comfort and strength experienced in the DCMH Cancer Center.


“They don’t just meet the needs of the patient, they are very good and take care of the whole family.” Teresa added, “I just can’t thank them enough for how well his care has been here. The staff and Dr. Slaughter are just awesome.”

Andrew has made great progress over these last few months and is feeling much better. He is continuing to see Dr. Slaughter and the nurses to monitor his recovery. He was happy to announce there are no cancer cells growing at this time.

“From where he was and where he is now is a miracle. Everyone that we have had to work with, from Cancer Care to Tree City Medical Partners, the dietician to Dr. Hamilton, everyone has been so caring and amazing.”

Teresa and Andrew are not hesitant to share their story with anyone and recommend the hospital to all of their family and friends.

“I definitely recommend this hospital to everyone. Andy is getting the same treatment he would get at a big city, but better. You get this one on one experience unlike anywhere else. There is a closeness like a family when you are here.”

Andrew added, “Teresa has been a good caregiver to me. I can’t thank this hospital enough for helping her to take care of me and taking care of her emotionally as well. I couldn’t have made it without her or these people here.”

Our patients can expect both physical and emotional support from our highly trained staff. We are here for you every step of the way. Your care, comfort and satisfaction is our priority. For more information about our Cancer Care services, support groups and education, please call 812.663.1301 or visit  www.dcmh.net.