Retired factory worker and Greensburg native John Marlow knew he had to make a change in his health. After having a heart attack in the past, he felt as if he was letting himself go. John knew he had to do something.

John’s wife JoAnn Marlow discovered that DCMH offered a Cardiac Rehab program that would also help with his weight loss.

The DCMH Cardiac Rehab is a medically supervised program that is available for those with heart problems such as: angina (chest pain), heart attack, heart catheterization with either stents or angioplasty, open heart surgery for bypass or valve replacement, or heart transplant.

Anne-Audrey-John---Cardiac-Rehab-ImageThere are many benefits of cardiac rehab: supervised exercise training to increase tolerance and overall health, identifying risk factors for heart disease, and getting help with making changes to develop a heart-healthy lifestyle. The goal for everyone is to improve the quality of life for people with heart disease and reduce their risks of future problems. The social aspect of group exercise classes helps patients foster friendships that encourage them to get better, feel better, and make positive health changes.

After speaking with his doctors and visiting the center, John was scheduled that next week to begin the program.

“This program worked wonders,” John added, “I tell most people I can now tie my shoes without holding my breath thanks to this program. I have lost over 40 pounds over this past year.”

John says the biggest benefit is not just about the weightless, but about how much better he feels.

“I have more energy than I have in a while. I am so much better than a year ago. I send praises to Audrey, Annie and everyone here. They push you in a sense where you want to get better. It has been a great experience all the way around.  When people ask me if I have lost a little weight, it gives me even more momentum to keep going.”

John and his family cannot thank the hospital and Cardiac Rehab enough for everything they have done for him. He loves sharing his story with everyone he knows.

“They have guided me through my journey and are so pleasant to work with. They are always so upbeat and I look forward to it every day.”

When asked if he refers people to DCMH, he says there is no question.

“This hospital is the life blood to this community. I grew up in this community and have depended on this hospital since I had my tonsils taken out at a young age. I have and will always have great confidence in this hospital.”

For more information about the Cardiac Rehab Program, visit or call 812-663-1328.