Rebecca and Chris Harpring, just like multiple young couples in Greensburg, were ready to grow and start their family. Soon, they discovered it was going to more difficult than they expected.

“We teach and use the Creighton Model Form of Natural Family Planning.  Through that, we found out I am low on progesterone. “

Once Rebecca became pregnant, she had to make frequent lab visits to check her levels and confirm everything was where it should be to maintain the pregnancy. Without keeping progesterone levels up, there is a high probability of miscarrying early in the pregnancy.

“The lab at DCMH was always helpful during both pregnancies. It was as if we had our own cheering squad for our family. They were so friendly and supportive of our family planning. It was nice coming here and knowing that even though we were stressed about my levels and the pregnancy, we always had Bonnie and her team on our side. If it wasn’t for all of those blood tests, our two kids may not be sitting here today.”

Rebecca now has a three-year-old son named John Henry and a new baby girl named Philomena Rose.


When asked why this hospital is so important to this community, Chris stated, “Here at DCMH, it is so much more personable. Being a small community with a small hospital, you know a lot of the people working here and you have a connection to them. You are not just a number to them, but a person and friend. They are able to take care of you as a person, not just another patient coming through their office.”

Rebecca added, “Having the quality this hospital offers to this community is great. You are not having to drive to Indy or a bigger hospital to receive the same care of services offered here.”

Both sides of Chris’s family have many generations of family members who were born and raised in Decatur County. Because of his roots, Chris and Rebecca always like to refer family and friends to Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

“I have referred several of my clients over to DCMH and they all have come back saying how pleased they were with the staff,” Rebecca added, “Decatur County Memorial Hospital is definitely the place you would want to start, with so many specialties and services offered here.”

Both Rebecca and Chris are also grateful with how helpful the Pharmacy was with the multiple vaccines, as well as Health Information Management with sending Rebecca her results as soon as possible.

In a closing statement, the couple added, “Thanks for being there and being so helpful and caring. Not just getting their job done, but caring about the person involved and helping make sure these two lives could come into the world. Knowing that we could count on DCMH and the staff here made the whole process less stressful and took away so much anxiety from it all.”