GREENSBURG – Decatur County Memorial Hospital had a record-breaking Healthy Fair Wednesday.

According to DCMH President and CEO Rex McKinney, approximately 800 people attended the event.

To put that in perspective, last year 699 people attended the local Healthy Fair.

McKinney spoke about the turnout and what may have impacted the record-breaking number.

“Certainly, our society is more attentive to the health and wellness aspects of our lifestyle and that sort of thing, but Decatur County Memorial Hospital has just developed an outstanding reputation for this Healthy Fair,” McKinney said. “It’s had an impact on our community, and individuals see the benefit of that and come out and take advantage of the screening opportunities and education.”

The 12th annual DCMH Healthy Fair gave community members an opportunity to learn more about their health and their options when it comes to wellness.

This year, free screenings included a lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL), blood pressure, body fat percentage, high-risk cancer, vision, and others.

There were also three health seminars featuring Holly Pray and Audrey Fuller regarding nutrition and diabetes, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Eric Tannenbaum, and Dr. Polly Moore regarding cardiology.

The event also had a wide variety of health-related vendors scattered throughout Greensburg Elementary School.

To make it an enjoyable afternoon for the entire family, the Healthy Fair also had a Kids Discovery Factory, a bounce house, balloon animals and jump ropes.

“It’s outstanding to see the impact that our community has with regards to health and wellness,” McKinney said. “Our hospital is totally focused on the health and wellness aspects of Decatur County and its surrounding region. To bring our partners in to share the great partnerships we have and also the great resources we coordinate to be available for this community, it’s just outstanding to see we’re making such a great impact on the community from a health and wellness standpoint.”

According to the hospital CEO, the Healthy Fair is just one of many things DCMH does to provide health options to the community.

“There are certainly ongoing screening activities we do throughout the year, and we also do a Healthy Fair down in the Westport area to make sure the entire county is serviced from a health and wellness standpoint,” McKinney said. “There are routine activities. We have discount lung screenings and heart screenings at the hospital as well just to ensure individuals have access to care. That’s very much a focus area for our community is to have access to care and also provide value to the community.”\

To learn more about what DCMH offers, call 812-663-4331 or visit