As Decatur County Memorial Hospital introduces plastic surgery into its service offerings, the hospital also welcomed Jacob Grow, M.D. to its staff in November.

For Dr. Grow, it’s a bit of a homecoming. A native of Columbus, Indiana, he graduated from Wabash College and Indiana University School of Medicine before completing a six-year residency in plastic surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City. The next stop was the Cleveland Clinic where he completed a highly coveted aesthetic fellowship focusing on cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. He returned to the area to practice at Southern Indiana Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery in Columbus and has enlarged his practice to include DCMH.

Dr Jacob Grow Plastic SurgeryWhile it’s been a bit of a long and winding road to get back home, Dr. Grow had known from a young age he wanted to be a surgeon, and even before entering medical school he knew he wanted to pursue plastic surgery.

“Plastic surgery is a unique field,” he explains. “We work with patients of all ages and on all areas of the body. It’s not all cosmetic. It varies from treating face trauma and reconstruction after cancer to burns and cleft palettes on newborns. I enjoy that aspect.”

As a native of southeastern Indiana, Dr. Grow is committed to providing accessible and outstanding care to patients. “Most plastic surgeons practice in large metropolitan areas. I’m hopeful I can care for patients in their communities without them having to travel to Indianapolis or Cincinnati,” he says.

Dr. Grow is optimistic that by working within the community, and building those patient-doctor relationships, patients can enjoy optimal results from their procedures. “It is essential to create a trusting relationship with a surgeon. Meeting someone you can trust, developing a mutual respect and allowing for communication about the procedure and realistic outcomes,” he says. “That’s really the case for all surgeries and is when you get the best outcomes.”

Dr. Grow makes a concerted effort to earn and keep that trust. “I only offer procedures that I believe in and ultimately will give the result a patient is looking for,” he says. “There are so many products and modalities out there that promise so many things. I think a lot of people get duped into thinking there’s some magic treatment for all problems. My goal is to tell patients what WILL be a successful treatment and educate them about a realistic outcome.”

It’s a Family Affair at DCMH

And he’s not alone. His wife is Dr. Krista Grow, a native of Batesville, Indiana who is an emergency room physician at Decatur County Memorial Hospital. Meeting his wife during med school, the two did a couples’ match residency (a couple applies together for a residency at the same hospital) in Kansas and likewise, both went on to Cleveland. When they returned to Indiana, it only seemed natural that they continue co-working.

“Jacob is so meticulous, caring, detail-oriented and methodical. I find it enjoyable to work in the same hospital system. He’s the smartest and best person I know, and I am proud and confident every single time I refer a patient to him,” says wife Krista. “I, on the other hand, enjoy the fast paced, erratic life of the ER. I often meet people on some of the worst days of their lives, but I feel blessed and honored to make an impact in those moments.”

“She’s my better half for sure and is great at what she does,” he says.

The couple has two children – 3 and 1½ years old – and, like many young families, are thrilled to have grandparents nearby to provide a bit of a break for two busy working professionals.