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The latest healthcare information and the current events happening at Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

Spirit of Women promotes wellness

Decatur County Memorial Hospital’s 2019 annual Spirit of Women event was an evening of “sips, dips and hips.” “Spirit of Women is a national movement for women’s wellness led by local leading hospitals, such as Decatur County Memorial Hospital, and supported by...

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Hospital Announces Wellness Initiatives

Decatur County Memorial Hospital is reaching out into the community and making a tremendous effort to help Decatur County become healthier in 2019. The DCMH Wellness team and department staff members have worked together diligently to create opportunities within our...

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Red Cross seeking puts out emergency call for blood

The American Red Cross is reissuing its emergency call for blood and platelet donors to give now after multiple snow storms, frigid temperatures and the government shutdown further reduced lifesaving donations. In January, more than 4,600 Red Cross blood and platelet...

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DCMH host healthcare costs symposium for local business

Decatur County Memorial Hospital presents “What is Driving your Healthcare Costs?” a Health Symposium for all CEO’s, CFO’s, C-Suite and HR professionals from surrounding areas. This event will include a breakfast with area experts on healthcare trends in the market....

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Hospital seeks public input

DCMH takes pride in providing quality healthcare to Greensburg and the surrounding neighborhoods. The hospital is constantly striving to become better in everything they do. With that, DCMH wants to hear from you! Decatur County Memorial Hospital wants to hear from...

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DCMH announces Spirit of Women Coordinator

Decatur County Memorial Hospital is proud to be a member of Spirit of Women, a network of more than 150 premier hospitals and health systems throughout the United States dedicated to advancing the cause of women’s health. DCMH would like to welcome Kristin Rowland as...

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DCMH seeking scholarship applicants

The Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) Scholarship Program is intended for the education of individuals interested in a healthcare related field. DCMH is committed to helping prepare healthcare professionals for the future and offers a scholarship program as a...

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Pieper is “Therapist of the Year”

Greensburg, Indiana – Decatur County Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that Nancy Pieper, Program Therapist for the Decatur County Memorial Hospital Senior Life Solutions program, has received the 2018 Therapist of the Year award. Senior Life Solutions honors...

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