Kristi Jarvis has lived here in Greensburg for about 42 years. She taught foreign language at Jennings County High School for 34 years and has been retired for almost 9 years.
It wasn’t until recently she was experiencing some chronic pain.

“A little over a year ago, I started having severe back pain that turned into sciatic nerve pain. It was beginning to be too much for me to handle.”

Her Primary Care Physician, Dr. Mary McCullough, referred Kristi to the Pain Management Center at Decatur County Memorial Hospital in the Outpatient Clinic.


In the beginning, Dr. Turnak was having Kristi try physician therapy, stretching, and other tactics before going straight for medication. She wanted to get to the bottom of Kristi’s pain.

The DCMH Pain Management Center utilizes a balanced, multidisciplinary approach to acute and chronic pain. This approach is focused on returning patients back to their life by improving both pain and function.

“It worked for a while, but the nerve pain was back. It was bad enough that I was having trouble walking and getting around.”
Kristi returned back to Dr. Turnak and that is when she decided to have an epidural.

“I had no idea what it was going to be like and was really nervous. The procedure was so easy and all of the nurses and staff were amazing. Everyone was so kind and helpful. Since my procedure, I have virtually no more pain at all! It has been wonderful and would definitely go back to Dr. Turnak in a heartbeat.”

Kristi added she recommends DCMH to everyone she knows.

“I just feel like I am in good hands when I come here. On top of that, it is such a convenience having this hospital in Greensburg. Patients do not have to drive to Indy to receive a 5 minute procedure or whatever they need. They can come here and receive the same amount of great care in their hometown.”

Additionally, Kristi’s daughter, Emily McNulty, is a Nurse Practitioner for Primary Care and the Cancer Center at DCMH. She enjoys telling people Emily works at DCMH and is proud of everything she has accomplished.

“I feel great knowing that my daughter works at the same hospital where I am receiving care.”

Led by Dr. Turnak, the team members at the DCMH Pain Management Center pride themselves in providing high quality and accountable care. We value your role in ensuring safe and effective care to patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. For more information, visit or call 812-663-1185.