Greensburg native and Greensburg Community Schools teacher Virgia Dugle has always trusted DCMH for everyday small emergencies or issues. In March of 2018, her whole perspective on our quality of care and Emergency Room changed dramatically.

“Last month, I became very sick and went to the DCMH well clinic on a Friday afternoon. As the weekend progressed, so did my illness. I was not getting better.  My daughter took me to the emergency room that next Sunday afternoon. After arriving, they believed I was going into kidney failure.”

Virgia remembers the exceptional care and personal touch our DCMH Emergency Room nurses, staff and doctors provided that day.

“I got great care from me being in there. From the heated blanket to getting an IV immediately after arriving, everything was exceptional. I am used to that kind of care from the Kidney Institute in Indianapolis, never thought I would receive that kind of exceptional care here in Greensburg, but I did.”


Virgia’s physician that afternoon was ED Medical Director and Physician, Dr. Canfield. She added, “She was very thorough with explaining my care and checked on me numerous times while I was there.”

After Virgia was released to go home, her quality care from DCMH did not stop there.

“What really impressed me the most was over the next two days, I had an ER nurse calling my cell at home to check on me. They reminded me that if I had any problems or complications to come back to the Emergency Room and they would take care of me. I appreciated all of the follow-up and concern they had for me after being in the ER. It made me feel as if they really care about me.”

Virgia is proud to use DCMH’s services and clinics, stating, “I think this hospital is important to this community because just like that day, I was too sick to travel far. We are lucky we have this hospital for not only Emergencies, but other services as well. I use the DCMH Lab department for all of my blood work, ultrasounds, Walk-in Clinic and more.”

Virgia loves how personable and friendly everyone at DCMH is.

“I walk into the Lab Department and they call me by my first name. They are just as good as any major health hospital I have been to. Everyone knows you and treats you like family.”

Virgia also rates DCMH high with having a My Health Patient Portal. The patient portal is a secure online web product that gives you 24-hour access to your personal health information.

“That is the other thing I really like about DCMH, The Patient Portal. I can look things up anytime I need. I like going back through my health history and check my past blood works, office visit dates, and medication lists. It’s all right there and so easy to use.”

Patients can also interact with providers through secure electronic exchange of messaging, similar to email. To register, go to and click on the MyHealth Patient Portal or Contac Susie Cupp at 812.663.1226 with any questions.

“There have been so many improvements to DCMH that have been really good. From the cleanliness, to the nurses, they are as good as any other hospital I have been too I think. I can’t thank them enough for everything they did for me that day.”