Decatur County Memorial Hospital is helping the community feel good and conquer their health and wellness goals with our Weigh Beyond program.

DCMH’s Weigh Beyond program is a 10-week program that consists of 1:1 health coaching, walking groups and fitness consulting. Each participant has a personal health coach who sets individual goals and holds the participant accountable by weekly weigh ins, focusing on individual needs and educating on different health topics.

Sandy Volk has been participating in The Weigh Beyond program the past few weeks and has lost over 21 pounds. She has been the “biggest loser” out of the group. Sandy did not sign up for this program to just lose weight, she wanted to get her life back.
Over the last seven years, Sandy has had many hardships happen in her life. In 2012, her husband was diagnosed with an aortic root aneurysm. Around the same time, her sister’s breast cancer had returned. Aside from working full-time at First Financial, and handling all of the book work for the family farm, she now was a caregiver. Two years later, her best friend was diagnosed with lung cancer.

“It was beginning to be overwhelming,” Sandy said, “I wasn’t taking care of myself or eating properly, and most of the time when I would eat it would be on the road.”

Back in April 2014, Sandy’s sister passed away. Three years later, her husband passed away. Then in August of 2018, her best friend passed away.

“It definitely hit me hard. I was beginning to be depressed and didn’t want to do anything. One day something told me, “Sandy you have your children, you have your grandchildren, your family and friends around you. It is time to start taking care of yourself.”

It was then that Weigh Beyond health coach Audrey Fuller introduced her to the Weigh Beyond program. She started to keep a food journal of what she ate, joined the local YMCA, began to cook more and learn about the nutrition side of being healthy.

Sandy commented, “This program and these girls are amazing. They are a great support team and have taught me so much over these last few weeks. I am very excited at the amount of weight I have lost and can’t wait to keep going.”

DCMH will be providing another Weigh Beyond session beginning May 6th. If you would like more information or to reserve your spot, please contact Audrey Fuller at 812-663-1115. Let DCMH help you reach your goals and live a healthy lifestyle!

Sandy added, “This program and hospital are very important to this community. If I hadn’t known about this program, I feel like I would still be sitting on my couch drowning in my sorrows. I have been through a lot, but these girls have given me so much positivity and encouragement. I can’t thank this hospital enough for changing my life!”