The Decatur County Memorial Hospital Immunization Clinic, located within the Tree City Medical Arts Plaza in Suite 2, is open every Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm.  We offer immunization services to the insured, under-insured, and uninsured of all ages.

We operate with the support of a national program called Vaccines for Children (VFC).  Through the VFC, and under the medical direction of Dr. Purnendu Datta, we provide vaccinations free of charge to all children (anyone less than 19) without the ability to pay (or whose insurances don’t cover vaccinations), but who desire immunization.  We also have the ability to bill insurances privately for children who have insurance coverage.

We provide immunizations to adults with insurance, but we cannot bill Medicare part D.  If a vaccination is covered through Medicare part D, they can receive the immunization through the DCMH Retail Pharmacy.  If an uninsured or underinsured adult requests vaccination, we can potentially partner with the DCMH Foundation and the Robert and Michelle McAuliffe Estate to fund the vaccination.  This will be determined through application on a case by case basis.

We are currently working with school nurses at South Decatur Jr./Sr. High, South Decatur Elementary, North Decatur Jr./Sr. High, North Decatur Elementary, Greensburg Elementary, Greensburg High, and St. Mary’s School to provide on-site school vaccine clinics to prepare future 6th graders and 12th graders for state required and recommended school immunizations for the following year.  Screening packets went home to eligible kids this week to be completed and returned by Friday, March 8th.  Our team will work to compile the students’ needs and will begin on-site administration at school of vaccines beginning early April.  Notice of the specific School Vaccine Clinic day at your child’s school will be publicized in your child’s school newsletter.  The DCMH Immunization Clinic, the DCMH Foundation, the VFC program, and the McAuliffe Estate are excited to participate in this program for the youth of our community!

Our Immunization Clinic team individualizes the plan for each patient through review of their CHIRP record, national immunization standards, and best practice provided by the Center for Disease Control.  These recommendations may change annually based on current regulations.  Our team is committed to staying abreast of changes and following best practice so that we are providing the best care to our community.  We also seek to educate patients, parents, and guardians about the effectiveness of immunization on overall health.

If you have any questions or desire more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We are here to serve.

Immunization Clinic Team:  Dr. Datta, Medical Director, Jennifer Baltus RN, Infection Prevention (office: 812-663-1310), Marietta Hagerty, VFC Coordinator (Immunization Office:  812-222-0422), Linda McMinn RN, Immunization nurse, Deidre Morlan RN & David Pavey RN (back up immunization nurses)