Decatur County Memorial Hospital hosted an Occupational Health & Wellness Luncheon this month for some of our local businesses. DCMH shared they are committed to serving the local employers by providing quality health and wellness services designed to meet the needs of any employer. Attendees were able to learn how DCMH can partner to educate, empower and take control of their company’s health and wellness. Fourteen local business leaders were in attendance.

Laura Walsman, Practice Manager of the Well Clinic and Workwell Occupational Health along with Janine Walter, Wellness Coordinator, presented several service options to the group.  They also shared strategies business leaders can utilize to prevent workplace injuries and lower healthcare-related expenses.

Topics discussed included:

  • How to structure health insurance and benefit plans to improve access to care and decrease healthcare expense.
  • How wellness Screenings help identify healthcare risks
  • Managing chronic disease for those with identified health-related concerns
  • Implementing Pre-employment Screenings to identify risk associated with physical requirements of job tasks.
  • Utilizing on-site Athletic Trainers to improve physical capabilities and prevent work-related injury.
  • Providing ergonomic assessments to ensure proper physical posture and motion during work activities
  • Promoting fitness classes to improve the health and wellness team members.

Laura Walsman commented, “I was thrilled to share information regarding all of the wonderful services DCMH has to offer to the community regarding Occupational Health and Wellness.  We offer many services that are able to prevent and treat illnesses and injuries that not everyone may be completely aware of.  We want to partner with to create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.”

Janine Walter added, “DCMH is making wellness a priority in our community by focusing on ways to partner with local businesses in our area and offering services to help keep their healthcare costs down.  It was great to see so many local businesses eager to learn about how DCMH can help them to create a healthier work environment.”

Staff members and providers are currently working together to make a positive change in local workplaces, while also reducing costs related to health and safety.

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