Hospital Foundation Funds

Hospital Foundation Directive Funding

The Hospital Foundation now offers a number of funds that can be supported with your gifts. These can be made in memory or honor of someone, or simply given to support the important efforts of Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

Community Impact Fund

The General Fund supports the Foundation’s daily operations, grant-giving, and events like the Annual Gala. 

Pink Ribbon Fund Fund

This fund was established in 2014 to provide patients who financially qualify with 2D and 3D mammograms and diagnostic testing associated with abnormal mammograms. 

Cancer Care Fund

Funds from this account are for our cancer patients, including massages, backpacks, and gift cards. Additionally, this fund supports training for our dedicated staff.


My DCMH is a staff-supported fund that makes projects around the hospital possible, including the updated gym area and the patios at multiple locations for employees to eat their lunches.

DCMH Daffodil/ Purple Daylily Project

The Daffodil Project provides an opportunity to have daffodils planted on the campus of Decatur County Memorial Hospital in memoriam, to honor, celebrate, or support the critical work at DCMH. In October 2010, the 1,400th daffodil was planted by the Decatur County Extension Homemakers. Gifts of varying levels carry different numbers of daffodils and permanent plaque recognition for gifts over $250. For additional information on gift levels, contact our office at 812-663-1220.

Marj Willer Fund

The Marjorie B. and Robert H. Willer Professional Development Fund for Nursing Staff was established by their children in memory of Marj and Bob’s long-term commitment to Decatur County Memorial Hospital. Marj joined the DCMH Staff in 1980 and completed her master’s in nursing administration while working full-time as the director of nursing at DCMH. In his early retirement, Bob developed health problems and spent the last six months of his life in long-term care at DCMH. Marj continued to work at DCMH until 2011 when she retired at 81. She served over 30 years as Director of Nursing, Vice President of Patient Care, and Vice President of Compliance and Quality. This fund honors the couple’s long-term support of DCMH and continues Marj’s vision for supporting the high quality of nursing at DCMH in the future.

Remembrance Garden Fund

The Hospital Foundation of Decatur County, in partnership with the Luke O’Mara Foundation, has announced the establishment of The Remembrance Garden Fund, a tranquil space on the east side of the walking trail with stone wall seating, a dry creek bed, rocking chairs, and native plants providing beauty to enjoy in all season. The garden was designed locally, and the fund supports its creation and continuation on the Decatur County Memorial Hospital campus. Giving to the Remembrance Fund allows donors to make a difference in the lives of those in our community. The garden will support the estimated 1 in 4 individuals and families whose lives are affected by the loss of a child.

Physical Therapy Fund

This fund was established for the speech and hearing therapies offered at DCMH, including our annual summer speech and hearing camp.

Men’s Health Fund

This fund, established in 2015, allows DCMH to offer free screenings to men at our annual Men’s Tailgating Party in November.

Lung Screening Fund

This is our newest fund, established in September 2018 to offer free lung screenings for those in need.

DCMH Greatest Need

There are needs present in a rural facility where financial resources are limited. When giving to the “greatest need,” you are allowing the Board of our Hospital Foundation to allocate the funds to the area that has the most immediate need for funding a special project, program, or equipment. The Board reviews applications from DCMH Departments three times a year and allocates funds to well-documented and carefully planned projects.