On Friday July 20, Decatur County Memorial Hospital met with Greensburg Community School Corporation to announce a Health and Wellness Partnership between the hospital and their school system. President and CEO Rex McKinney addressed the group and said, “Our goal is to connect and commit ourselves to our community employers by enhancing the value of services that DCMH offers. Today’s healthcare environment is very challenging to the business community.  We will be a great partner improving health of individuals and decreasing healthcare costs.  The partnership between Greensburg Community Schools and DCMH is an example of how we engage the business community.”

With our new partnership, staff at Greensburg Community Schools will have access to multiple benefits and wellness opportunities which include:

  • Discounted services for steerage to DCMH
  • Enhanced priority at the DCMH Well Clinic
  • Targeted Wellness programs based on population needs
  • Fitness Classes offered to employees before/after school

One of the many benefits of this agreement relates to the DCMH Well Clinic. Laura Walsman, DCMH Well Clinic Supervisor, explained the benefits of the partnership include: a minimal wait time for enhanced care with four Nurse Practitioners, DOT physicals, pre-employment physicals, drug screenings, and lab services. The DCMH Well Clinic is intended to improve access to high quality care while adding value with improved service.

Dennis Fogle, Community Relations Coordinator, explained the intent of the program, “We want to tailor the program to fit the needs of GCS staff and members of the health plan. In addition, our new electronic health record allows sharing among providers which improves the continuum of care. The system allows physicians and providers at DCMH to focus on care management and appropriate utilization of services to ensure great quality and value to our community.”

The new partnership also includes many health and wellness aspects the health plan members can take advantage of. DCMH Wellness Coach Kristin Rowland outlined the Complete Wellness Assessment that all staff members will receive. The assessment includes: blood pressure, glucose check, body fat %, BMI, lipid profiles, diabetic prevention and health coaching.

Kristin added, “Our main goal is to work towards healthier employees and gearing the program to their needs. We will also be offering fitness classes and an evidence-based Weight Loss Program to staff who are interested.”

Decatur County Memorial Hospital is excited about the partnership with the Greensburg Community School Corporation and helping their staff live a healthier life. Tom Hunter, Superintendent of GCS, stated, “DCMH has been a great partner focused on improving our health benefit offerings and improving costs. We are looking forward to building our relationship over the coming years.”